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    How to avoid raging in game :P

    As the title says :P I am a well-known rager. Even my neighbors have heard me yelling and desk slamming is a normal thing for me. **** man, sometimes I start speaking **** that I don't even know what the **** I am saying. :D . You guys might know Ron Rambo Kim, just saw his video on How to avoid tilting in game and I think, I am gonna start following it or I would have get a new table every month and I can't afford that. Also, while looking for Hambinooo on google, I found that Rambo Kim and Hambinooo's quotes on tilting for gamers who don't rage like us but play such games that gets the worst out of us so here's to the community. Tips + video: https://www.purevpn.com/blog/how-to-avoid-tilt/ Me while Tilting: Desk Slamming Talking **** Weekend ruined......

    21 february 2020 20:51 2269

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