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    Senna Still Too Op?

    So I've Been Playing Senna In Ranked Without Learning Her First Hand, And To Me She Just Seems Too Easy And Too Broken As Adc Or Support(I Know That's Her Main Role) But Still It's A Too Much, If You Go Manamune You Basically Have Infinite Sustain In Lane Because Her Q CD Is A Bit Longer So By The Time Your Q Is Back Up You Pretty Much Regened The Mana Back So You Will Get Healing From Q And Get +5 Mana From Manamune Stack So You're Basically Unkillable And You Can Heal And Do A Shit Ton Of Damage With Senna, I Think Her Ult Is Fine I Just Think Her Q Needs Some Changes. Thanks For Reading :D

    20 february 2020 02:24 77

    This is drulias favourite game he likes it but for me its meh

    24 february 2020 13:02 77

    i have around 30 games with senna before and after the nerf i think she can be op if you let her be , one early gank from the jungler and if the enemy supp is nautilius or some shit she will be ussles

    29 february 2020 09:39 77

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