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    IG and RNG secures slots for LA Major; No Minor for CDEC

    With 12 teams already confirmed for the LA Major, fans anticipate in excitement as they watch for the final three slots get completed. The final three slots from China are almost filled as Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up secure the two Major invites after the first day of the Qualifier Playoffs. Meanwhile, Ame and CDEC fails to continue their run as they lose to Keen Gaming in the Minor Qualifier decider.
    Invictus Gaming sweeps Team Aster
    In game 1, Aster’s ChYuan Puck rotated for early game kills on the IG’s FlyFly Monkey King and JT Legion Commander. But IG stayed on top of the networth as Emo Medusa secures farm and completes a 24-minute Manta and Skadi to help them take down objectives after IG obtains a 5-2 trade. However, Sccc’s Morphling bursts down MK, then the rest of Aster focuses Medusa for a kill, allowing Aster to take the lead. Aster capitalizes their lead and initiates a sod, but the Duel lockdown from IG bursts Morphling as well as two of Aster’s supports. Because of this, IG takes down two sets of racks and by 36 minutes, Emo has Dragon Lance, Manta, Skadi, Butterfly, MKB, and Aegis as they finish the last set of racks as Aster calls gg at 38 minutes.
    IG showed a more dominant game 2 as their draft outlasted Aster in team fights. Aster tried to keep close to IG, but Flyfly Morph, Emo Kunkka, JT Puck, Kaka Nyx, and Oli Lich wiped out Aster’s Sccc Medusa, ChYuan Monkey King, Xxs LC, Fade Earthshaker, and Boboka Venge at 16 minutes, allowing IG to snowball from there and continued to pick up key kills. By 26 minutes, Aster taps out behind Flyfly’s Godlike streak and Oli’s game-high 17 assists over the 24-9 victory for IG to take the first Major slot from China.
    RNG survives Ehome
    RNG mounts a comeback in game 1 behind Monet Lifestealer’s 11/2/12 after 50 minutes of action. In the early game, Ehome gave Setstu Void Spirit and Monet a hard time in their lanes. Because of this, NothingtoSay Templar Assassin completes the Blink, BKB, and Butterfly by 27 minutes as they get the Aegis on him. RNG retaliates with two consecutive kills on Ehome Sylar’s Drow Ranger. The 5k lead went down to 2k as RNG completes their core items and catch Templar Assassin to finally turn the networth in their favor for the first time this game. With RNG finally controlling the map, Lifestealer gets the Aegis and initiates a fight where they secure a 4-1 chase to take down objectives. In their last stand, Ehome loses all three of their cores as RNG kills them on their own high ground and just like that, RNG completes their comeback with a 16k networth lead.
    RNG’s high ground defense allowed them to accomplish a comeback behind Monet’s six-slotted Riki carry after 57 minutes. Ehome were strong in the early game, catching RNG’s cores with Faith Bian’s Hookshots from Clockwerk. Ehome even pinned RNG to an 18-7 kill score as Sylar’s Morph and NothingtoSay Pugna secure their farm. However, the ratting from September’s Treant Protector and Setsu Puck kept RNG alive as Flyby Timbersaw tanks the gank attempts. RNG initiates and wipes 4 of Ehome thanks to Monet’s Nullifier and Linken by 45 minutes, giving RNG a chance to control the map. With Aegis on Monet, RNG was able to take down two sets of racks. Ehome managed to hold on to their top racks, but the massive silence AOE from Setsu Puck gave RNG the chance to pick off the spell-dependent lineup of Ehome. After Monet and the rest of RNG kills Morphling after his buyback, Ehome calls gg and gives the second Major slot to RNG with a 24-23 victory.
    CDEC falls to KG
    For the tiebreaker at the Minor Qualifiers, Keen Gaming ends CDEC’s run after three games. In the first game, Keen Gaming had the constant lead, but CDEC managed to hold on and gets kills that were not enough to mount a comeback. For game 2, Ame Morphling carried CDEC after succeeding to hold high ground and comeback to force a game 3. In the deciding game, KG denies the comeback from CDEC as KG’s Leshrac finishes them with 11/2/9 together with Kamma’s 26k damage on Spectre to win the game.
    Tomorrow will decide who will get the last Major slot for China between Aster and Ehome. Who do you think will win? Meanwhile, CDEC joins LGD for a disappointing result for this Major. Will LGD pick up Ame back?
    On the other hand, IG and RNG stayed atop of their groups and prove everyone that they are capable of crushing anyone with their playstyles and drafts. Can IG finish a better placement at this Major? Can RNG show strong at their first Major this season?

    19 february 2020 17:21 5035

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