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    The Day TIX Fell

    The death of Erik Cassel was promised to be the one and only tragedy ROBLOX would come across, and as tragic and sad it was to all of us ROBLOXians, we faced another great tragedy, the day that our liberty and rights were stripped away from us by Mr. Telamon himself, John Shedwathshisnameletsky, we have lost our fairness, the TIX! When the price floor was added, all of us suspected for an Armageddon of sorts, but when the price floor arose to 300 TIX from 100 TIX when knew for sure that ROBLOX would never be the same again...

    16 february 2020 03:24 2173

    We need Tix back for daily robux

    16 february 2020 06:17 2173

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