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    Ummm L. O. L is dead guys why

    Play other games like the most popular game at the moment minecraft

    8 february 2020 16:26 77

    Additionally, while in flight, you can find neato vehicles! These come in rainbow colored boxes that just float. Hitting it will give you a vehicle to ride in. Some are more realistic (motorcycles and jet-skis), while others don't make any sense at all (teleporters, metal birds, giant dragons...). Regardless, they're all unique in their own regard and help make the game more fun.

    8 february 2020 16:53 77

    Naaah league is still alive but i think it reached its peak like 2 yrs ago tho

    11 february 2020 20:33 77

    I mean... Still most played game on the earth 100milion players dude, I don't think It's dead

    11 february 2020 23:50 77

    Minecraft is second most played game and when I play it I feel really bad, like sick or something, I have to go outside to breath some nice air after playing 40mins of mc

    11 february 2020 23:55 77

    it's still alive and doing well with the playerbase surrounding it, maybe what u meant is the streaming aspect of it since most league streamers arent that entertaining bc of how much focus u have to put into the game :)

    13 february 2020 08:19 77

    But League is fun while Minecraft isn't.

    13 february 2020 08:31 77

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