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    using steam wallet code on steam is removes limited acc?

    any $5 you'll deposit (from steam gift card, from kiosk, bitcoin you name it) will count towards your balance and will renove restriction from your account. also if you're using kiosk you can make multiple small deposits

    8 september 2017 05:02 1628

    yes it will

    17 june 2018 18:31 1628

    Here is the full list of transactions that remove the limited status from an account on Steam:

    - Add $5 or more to the Steam Wallet (equivalent in other currencies) either directly, or by using a Steam Wallet card.
    - Purchase a game on Steam for $5 or more.
    - Purchase a gift on Steam that has a value of at least $5. Receiving gifts does not count.
    Once has a purchase has been made, the account stops being limited and becomes fully functional on Steam.

    Either way will help you to remove the limited status on your Steam account, hope it helps. I copy from another website.

    17 june 2018 19:02 1628

    YES it does.It means you can then Friend people and use all the features on Steam

    20 december 2018 04:32 1628

    Yes, you need to wait 7 days or 30 after that.

    21 december 2018 18:50 1628

    it is 7 or 15 days for me

    2 january 2019 08:10 1628

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