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    New account issue

    So apparently when you create a new account in Neverwinter, arc just doesn't register it as a new account no matter how you try. But in star trek, it does, and it even sends you email saying 'Welcome to Star Trek Online.' However, when you register in Neverwinter, no welcoming email was there, signifying that they don't see it as a new account. It's either gamehag or arc needs to fix this.

    24 january 2020 23:35 2148

    Heed my words, and don't do the quest before it is fixed

    24 january 2020 23:36 2148

    Same problem for me.

    27 january 2020 08:34 2148

    I had the same problem.

    2 april 2020 01:58 2148

    same here :)

    10 july 2020 10:40 2148

    I have faced the same issue with many others, created NEW accont, first time to this game, even first time to install ARC. however, after reaching level 10, was rejeced with reason saying it is not NEW account???? Beware, pals, beware before you start this task.

    29 july 2020 03:30 2148

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