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    i wanna give it a try but i m not sure ill like it

    31 august 2017 16:09 21

    It's an MMORPG with reflex style combat, not like World of Warcraft. I would highly recommend it because it's fast-pased. It's not very easy to learn, but it's also very appropriate for an MMO-beginner because everythithing is explained and it has tons of tutorials. It's totally Free to Play and you can farm any item in the game.

    18 september 2017 08:17 21

    The only "down" side is that it takes ages to level up. Plus they recently added the level 70 patch. You should be able to get hours of fun from it.

    1 june 2019 19:52 21

    Looks like a good game but i m waiting for an article about it

    1 june 2019 19:53 21

    Well it doesn't take long to lvl up, to 65 you need a day and the pve content is really good ad interesting. To 70 is longer ofc but you get theend game gearmy lvl 65 anyway. Recomend it 100%

    13 august 2019 02:41 21

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