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    roblox things that happends

    Ok lets start wirh the basics , this game is trash that's all you can expect from a game that lives from the robux that people want to buy and every single game in there is the same only stupid cubes and cubes the games are repetitive and after five minutes you are searching the meaning of life and why you are losing time in a stupid game like this . Now let's talk about the community, it's all filled of kids , dumb kids that stay all day playing this , there are dumb role play games a popular one is called rocity or something like that and it consists on being a kid or an adult , the adults adopt the kiss and is really stupid they take it to serious and if you say something bad everyone (stupid kids) will say dumb-ten year old things about your mom . Well in resume this game, is trash and if you play it you should really recapacitate about your existence thank you for reading

    13 january 2020 17:41 2186

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