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    Playing support

    Ok guys, its an old running meme, that feeling when you get autofilled as support but why? IMO its a great position to play. You dont have to worry about farming, just zone the enemy and protect your (most likely brainless) ADC. Some say that supp isnt a carry role but lets be honest who is more likely to carry? A trashuo on mid who will just dash into enemies and die, who cant setup one ult by himself with knockup, or will it be that Thresh who hooks very often, and when he does you ded. Or Morgana, same thing. Soraka who heals the entire team making anyone unkillable. Janna with that disengage and the list goes on. Dont be that guy, play support. You will enjoy it trust me

    11 january 2020 01:20 77

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