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    What do you think about roblox?

    Say here what you think about roblox

    5 january 2020 15:43 2173

    Well, I have played and currently playing Roblox, and I think It's a really good game! It has a really good community and great features:
    -Lot of games to play
    -Easy to develop games on
    -A lot of helpful and kind people play it
    But with every game, it has a few problems and bad communities:
    -It could have a little bit better graphics
    -A LOT of robux scams
    -A few toxic people and communities

    Overall, It's a really good game!

    Thats my review of Roblox I think.

    5 january 2020 16:42 2173

    idk im here for exp

    5 january 2020 19:55 2173

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