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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    (3.63/5) 5279 rates

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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Upgrade your Castle to level 5

    reward srennshot

    of what do i need to take a screen shot off?

    5 january 2020 14:42 4117


    12 january 2020 00:49 4117

    My screenshot was rejected repeately, what can I do? All other games are OK.

    13 january 2020 23:33 4117

    I got rejected for the same reason of not having a newly registered account. For those of you that were successful in completeling it, what did you do?

    22 january 2020 03:31 4117

    Open the world map and center on your castle, it shows your name and castle level.
    For not having a newly registered account, you have to follow the gamehag link/referral and create a new one.

    22 january 2020 09:05 4117

    Thanks for the info, ill try that. I screenshotted the upgrade page where it said 4 > 5 or something for the castle.

    If I already created a account through the link, can I log not througth the link then?

    24 january 2020 01:51 4117

    There should be date/time for it.

    29 january 2020 04:46 4117

    @2334hi You obviously can, just like any other game... Its only for registering.

    29 january 2020 20:42 4117


    30 january 2020 16:37 4117

    I created my "Game of Thrones Winter is Coming" about 3 - 4 days ago and my screenshots keep getting rejected. with "It seems like you haven't registered a new account in the game" after smiting my first and second screenshots. How, do I get them accepted?

    31 january 2020 06:45 4117

    You probably cant. Its a mainstream chinese copy. Half the game doesnt work, one of them is the email linking, an other one is support...

    2 february 2020 19:09 4117

    Level 2 is getting castle level 10, so just get lvl 5 then go rush to lvl 10

    2 february 2020 21:09 4117

    my screenshot keeps getting rejected. I have used all these tips and it still got rejected.

    4 february 2020 13:13 4117

    ah should have read here before I sent mine, now I have to wait to have them reject it before I can send a new one fml

    15 february 2020 13:30 4117

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    15 february 2020 22:01 4117

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