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    why was tix removed?

    unfortunately, I didn't play Roblox when there were tix so why were they removed?

    4 january 2020 23:13 2173

    the reason was remember when robux was introduce well they way you can earn robux was buying it with real money or buying it using tix while not that many people would buy robux because they can get robux for free by using tix while robux was not getting any money they removed tix thats all i know

    4 january 2020 23:37 2173

    Who else came on this website just to earn robux?

    4 january 2020 23:42 2173

    Because roblox want money :))

    5 january 2020 00:49 2173

    I think because roblox decided to make the players buy robuxes for money, not for tix.

    5 january 2020 09:26 2173

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