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    PUBG update

    To all players of PUBG I would like to announce that the update is worth to all players because its more creatively. The update help other new players to understand easier the game. I would like to copy the site to aware the players on the update.PUBG Mobile Season 10 is about to end on January 7 and as always we are expecting to see a new update from Tencent Games before the inception of Season 11. According to a video posted on Mr Ghost Gaming YouTube channel, Tencent Games might release the latest update 0.16.5 next week that will bring a host of new features such as new theme, in-game items, skins, outfit, accessories and above all the Season 11 Royal Pass, challenges, missions and more.
    The video also suggests that the game might get a new Snow bike that was introduced in the PC version a couple of months back. The Snow Bike will replace the existing motorbike from the Vikendi map. However, we will have more clarity on this once we see the beta version that is expected to be out in the next few days.
    In addition to this, the update 0.16.5 will also bring Season 11 missions and challenges to the game along with new Royale Pass. As per the report by Mr Ghost Gaming, the Royale Pass Season 11 will also bring MK14 sniper rifle weapon skin for the first time to the game as well as new parachute and new outfits and it will be provided to the users based on the Tier they are in. For example, player reaching Diamond Tier will receive MK14 skin, similarly, to get the new parachute, players will have to reach Ace Tier.
    Apart from this, update 0.16.5 will also bring a redesigned Loadout menu for Team Deathmatch Mode that will allow players to manage the loadout before the game starts. Mr Ghost Gaming also suggest that there will be some minor changes to Winter Mode as well which was introduced to the game with update 0.16.0.
    As of now, Tencent Games has not yet disclosed any information, when they are going to release the update, but as the ongoing season is coming to an end, we can expect to see the update soon.https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.timesofindia.com/gadgets-news/pubg-mobile-0-16-5-update-to-bring-season-11-royale-pass-new-outfits-vehicles-and-more/amp_articleshow/73070522.cms&ved=2ahUKEwjXyIjbyufmAhWxKqYKHYS6Dh4QFjAPegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw3FnLBAqkwupm12JraG4_qu&cf=1

    3 january 2020 14:58 3272

    to all players of pubg just read this thread to know the updates of pubg thank you

    3 january 2020 15:00 3272

    pubg makes game very worthful by all their updates!!

    3 january 2020 15:47 3272

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