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    War Thunder

    (4.32/5) 16158 rates

    Play and get

    2500 6000
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    what wrong with this game

    my screenshot keep being refused and now my last one is in pending for over 7 days i did 7 game 5 victory and 2 defeat. my game name is the same and yes i used the link provided from the website

    2 january 2020 10:45 11

    Buggs, and hackers

    2 january 2020 19:16 11

    i like it so much

    11 january 2020 08:08 11

    Contact Misty whenever the screenshot is rejected for an invalid reason (some answers lead to the possibility to get help from a real person). Be aware it sometimes happen that the account registration failed for some reason, however (can happen sometimes due to ad-blockers, too, although it seems pretty rare). If Misty tells you so, then that's true.

    13 january 2020 17:34 11

    Make sure you screenshot the right thing, aka your profile where your number of victories is displayed. Also nice winrate from the start, keep it up

    14 january 2020 01:47 11

    Nothing wrong with game, the taks acceptation seems to have a problem.

    14 january 2020 11:29 11

    Even then, it often happens to get the screenshot rejected for an invalid reason. Of course, it's still best to check if our screenshot does display BOTH the proof that the task was completed AND the nickname (which must be the same than on Gamehag, or close to it).

    Also, be careful to NOT do more than what was asked. For instance, here it requires to win 5 battles, so take a screenshot that shows you won 5 battles, and not 6+ battles (also, I'd advise against doing anything until your screenshot is accepted, just in case).
    There are tasks that won't require to do that however. The third task of War Thunder is an example :
    "Get 150 Golden Eagles and win 20 battles"
    You still have to show exactly 20 victories of course, but your account does not need to display exactly 150 golden eagles (which you can get for free thanks to some tutorials btw. You can see the rewards they give before doing them). If you have more than that, it still counts.
    And if you have a doubt for a task, send a ticket to ask about it and / or try first what will be impossible or annoying to revert to (don't forget the forums might have the answer already, too, and there is a "search" field). So in this example, if you have 340 golden eagles (the most you can get for free), try to send that first rather than using golden eagles to lower the amount to 150 exactly. 150 would not be enough if the task meant to get 150 eagles more than what the account creation gave you, for instance. You could also make a mistake and fall under 150.

    14 january 2020 13:08 11

    (hit the character limit, forced to split message)

    You can also try to argue as well, when possible. For instance, on Warframe, task 1 says "Unlock the second warframe". If you show a screenshot with 3 warframes (although that would be weird to wait that much before making a screenshot. Unless you figured you could get a warframe for free with Twitch Prime (if you have it) barely after you crafted yourself a second warframe, or something like that), you can argue that it doesn't matter to have 3 warframes instead of 2 since you could very well sell one, only to be back at 2 warframes, which would only be annoying for you as a player, and make you want to quit, whereas these tasks are there to add new players to those games. You could also argue that it says "unlock THE SECOND warframe". If you've unlocked "the third", then you inevitably have unlocked "the second" (there aren't actually such a thing as "a second", "a third", etc, there are just some easier to craft and / or farm than others. That's why I put quotes).

    TL;DR / In short : Use support, check forums (like, check if people said what are the tasks, and if so, if it seems up to date), be thoughtful, and you'll be fine (except if the game traps you. Although you should then probably be aware of it already thanks to the forums. But I've once heard of a game requiring something like lvl 6, but unskippable tutorial makes you jump from lvl 5 to lvl 7).

    14 january 2020 13:09 11

    I got mine accepted in 2-3 hours for all 3 of them, screenshots look the same. Maybe try registering from the link again.

    24 january 2020 14:02 11

    I like war thunder. it's a fun game, but GTA is better.

    24 january 2020 22:44 11

    I think I cant see the the problem. But it might be bugs or glitches.

    25 january 2020 20:24 11

    And I think there is nothing wrong about this game.

    25 january 2020 20:25 11

    Its cool and amazing.

    25 january 2020 20:25 11

    this is a cool game

    26 january 2020 18:16 11

    Nothing is wrong. Iove this game.

    27 january 2020 15:28 11

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