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    How it works

    War Thunder

    (4.32/5) 16331 rates

    Play and get

    2500 6000
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    They got me addicted

    So i was just playing for gems and when i got the 5th win i didnt stop so i just kept playing and never realized i played for 2 hours yet i have 8 victories (cuz of the slowest game ever probably), this game is really cool and GameHag got me addicted to it i even showed it to my friends and they got addicted quickly, i still have 8 wins which is surprising

    1 january 2020 20:22 11

    To complete the tasks fast, only play reserve planes and go for ground targets. Most of time you will play agains bots at the begining of the game and bots do really suck at shooting at you. Plus, chances are that the players you will find will be just as newbie as you (and will pursue bots), so every match will be just about who can kill most ground targets.

    2 january 2020 01:18 11

    It's the best game from their game tasks!

    2 january 2020 08:08 11

    Ive been playing for a long time, got addicted and failed my semester

    6 january 2020 21:20 11

    warthunder is worth playing

    21 january 2020 23:43 11

    This game is really good it is normal to get addicted but dont forget your health too, do some rests during your playing sessions.

    25 january 2020 16:59 11

    it very i see four is foe sing a lok at me

    25 january 2020 19:06 11

    Game is nice, I winned 5 times and still waiting for gems

    26 january 2020 12:29 11

    its worth playing the game is really good ! :D

    26 january 2020 17:38 11

    i would totally recommend it to everyone

    26 january 2020 17:39 11

    **** this chat is nto just dead, it's too dead

    26 january 2020 20:56 11

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