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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1820 rates

    Hackers complain

    I want you to tell me how many times you've faced cheaters etc!

    25 december 2019 23:46 808

    go buy prime

    26 december 2019 01:08 808

    I do infact have prime, i also face cheater hence when i try out low trust factor etc !

    26 december 2019 01:08 808

    I played with or against 4 cheaters with non prime then i got prime and i didnt played with cheater since

    27 december 2019 17:24 808

    i mean without prime is preaty hard for new player to stick to the game since it gets soo anoying dealing with cheaters but i personaly didnt face many cheaters on my pre-prime days maybe 1 in 10 games but they get very rare once you have prime

    29 december 2019 18:56 808

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