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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.61/5) 1848 rates

    Worth buying prime?

    Is it worth buying prime, or just playing alot so you can get to rank 21? I think it's worth it to buy prime because then you have a higher chance of not to playing with hackers. Of course there will be some hackers, but not as many as there would be without prime. I currently do not have prime but I'm trying to save some Soul Gems and get a Steam Wallet/giftcard. I have thought alot about it and I don't know if I should grind for rank 21 or buy it. Have you bought prime, and do you think it is worth it?

    25 december 2019 08:41 808

    You can just play till level 21 but from my experience non-prime is filled with hackers. I got a hacker almost every game.

    25 december 2019 15:54 808

    Nop its not worth it, get the shattered operation pass instead.

    28 december 2019 20:34 808

    low trust factor is also another thing that can factor in if you play with cheaters or not, yes get prime account for really cheap usually like 3-5$

    28 december 2019 20:37 808

    I bought the game before the prime features. From this point of view, it is totally worth it.

    29 december 2019 01:00 808

    if you want to play with teamtes that don't ragequit after 5 seconds of the game I think you should buy it

    29 december 2019 06:55 808

    When you are 21 you are prime

    29 december 2019 10:29 808


    29 december 2019 12:00 808

    Well uh I did enjoy the game a lot before it was free. But uh try to get to lv21, you will get prime.

    29 december 2019 13:17 808

    I don't know what prime is. I was gifted the game when it was still a paid game. Does that mean I have Prime? If not, what the heck is prime

    29 december 2019 20:15 808

    If you paid for the game or had it gifter to you when it was a paid game, you have prime. In addition to this I believe that the grind would be much more worth it and if you're going to spend your money you should get the shattered web pass since it will get you bonus xp as well to get to lvl 21 faster.

    29 december 2019 20:26 808

    If you have a team with prime you should buy it

    30 december 2019 12:19 808

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