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    Preseason news

    Hello guys, I know it's little bit too late, but what do you say on preseason news, like dragons, map changes etc. ? :)

    24 december 2019 19:00 77

    anyone know how to level up fast

    27 december 2019 02:50 77

    THE BEST GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27 december 2019 09:45 77

    The dragon changes are the most impactful. It forces the game to revolve around mid/bot. Perhaps if the rift herald receives some buffs it could be better, as it is right now, even having 2 of them is a worse outcome than getting any dragon buffs.

    30 december 2019 11:41 77

    As a top laner I don't like it. Before the update I could go mordekaiser top and get rift heralds and wouldn't care for enemy jg because of my R right now when there are almost no ganks on top Morde's R kinda became little bit useless other than stealing 10% stats.

    1 january 2020 16:08 77

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