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    Pubg Mobile Team

    Join for moin

    4 december 2019 10:36 3272

    No please dontt do it no faif ok boomer

    18 december 2019 21:29 3272

    When pubg was released, a huge wave of enthusiastic players stormed into the game, and despite a lot of flaws in both the graphics and the technical graphics, it was a huge success for the Bluhol studio. Now that success continues and is definitely the starting point for Royal Battle Games. It would be far more valuable to have a mobile experience in this amazing world. With the release of the Android game and the PUBG Mobile iPhone, Tencent Studios has provided a more enjoyable experience in different ways. While we may regard game control as one of its fundamental problems, the experience of a royal battlefield is evolving and full of excitement

    25 december 2019 11:52 3272

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