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    Alliance destroy Nigma, sending Kuro to the Minor qualifiers

    European qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 13 came to an end today with Team Secret, Nigma, Alliance and Team Liquid all fighting for the three spots available for the region at the Major.
    Europe begun the day with a tiebreaker match for group A to decide whether Nigma or Ad Finem would secure the playoff spot. While it was an intense near-hour long game, Nigma were able to take down Ad Finem and progress forward into the playoffs, where Secret would be their opponent. While Nigma had some rather clear struggles through the group stages, they managed to hold their own against Secret for a brief period, but Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov’s squad proved too strong. Nigma would not be out just yet though, as would have a last chance to get into the Major later in the day.
    While not having the best of times in recent events, Liquid came into the qualifiers seeming like they had finally found their form. Going completely unbeaten in the group stages was just the start, before they came into the playoffs and trounced Alliance too, claiming their spot in the Leipzig Major. For Alliance, they would still have a shot at reaching the event, but it would involve them taking down Nigma in a best-of-three, which would be a tall-task of any team.
    For the final spot available for EU at the upcoming Major, Nigma would have to fight up against Alliance. Nigma seemed completely unable to find their footing in this new update since they returned to the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, barely able to return to their TI9 form, while Alliance have had ups and downs in recent times but another Major opportunity was too much for them to pass up. Alliance rolled over Nigma, never allowing them to ever get off the mark and got their spot in the Major.
    With that, Nigma get sent straight into the Minor qualifiers, while Alliance join Secret and Liquid at DreamLeague Season 13 in January 2020.

    4 december 2019 08:21 5035

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