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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

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    How to register?

    How to register? thats the real question. The link is only show the game website...if i create new account at the top right corner its not good, i tried it and my task is not accepted. I downloaded the game with the link and register account in the game, still not good. So anyone can tell me how or where to register?

    1 december 2019 23:42 3433

    What game are you talking about?
    Usually "register" is about going to your email and checking it out! You probably go an email to formally register on whaterver you are talking about ^^

    1 december 2019 23:52 3433

    I mean...its under the Magic: The Gathering Arena forum :D so im talking about the Magic: The Gathering Arena game.

    1 december 2019 23:56 3433

    Ahhh I see
    Problably the idea is the same...

    You can just check you email :D

    1 december 2019 23:58 3433

    You have to verify your email before you start playing. I think thats impossible without it. I did verify it. I did a new account twice already...Both are lvl 2 or lvl 3...It has to be a new account... you literally hit lvl3 with the intro +2games against bots. :D i dont get it, it keep rejecting my tasks because im not registered through gamehag. The link is only lead the game website.

    2 december 2019 00:02 3433

    Pica vyjdbana banana kukni moj kokot lebo je vacsií nez ty no logicky lebo nemas

    5 december 2019 12:26 3433

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    5 december 2019 12:31 3433

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