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    Task Refusals

    My task has been refused around five to six times at the moment of writing this, I was wondering from those who have actually completed this game if you had any tips on how to actually get it accepted.

    19 august 2017 13:45 494

    I got refused the first time. So i contacted Misty she said she would recheck ☹

    20 august 2017 09:48 494

    I've done that twice and haven't gotten a reply from Misty, I guess it has something to do with where you live.

    20 august 2017 10:16 494

    refused too

    10 september 2017 05:28 494

    I actually forgot about this thread. Two days after I posted my last post Misty got my task accepted, yay, 295 gems.

    14 september 2017 12:04 494

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