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    Review on the TERA(Attention! My english is bad!)

    This is just my humble opinion about the game in bad English

    So as not to repeat with you to the advantages I will also take the time of passing the dungeons, in my opinion it is optimal from 30 minutes to 1 hour, just so interesting and unsuccessful to bother. Teru can not be called a one-buttoned game as many with a target, in a televised class each one should really think what to use and when and where to stand (well, except for the onion). Before the kapa game is very interesting and I want to play and play. Each class is unique in its own way and is needed in the party. A good system for collecting a random party in the dungeon is very convenient even for pvp players and against it. Handsome clothes and Persians, this is the first game where I like the way my Persian is dressed and I choose remodel, in other games I did not care, the main thing is stats. Really pleases AI mobs, especially elites, this is the first MMO game where mobs try to anticipate your further skills and act on this basis, trying to kick back / in the side of your attack, or to run from the side, in general it is interesting. Farm mobs are not annoying. Pleases that there are no quests kill 200-500 mobs, and only 10-16 fail to bother. There are no assignments for the type of convergence 100500 times in dungeon which all brag

    The main drawback of the game is the huge races on the EXP entered into each patch from the release in Korea. In addition, in almost every patch introducing new dungeons, the previous dungeons are simplified to such an extent that they are uninteresting, and are not necessary, except to make a mission there. There is no motivation for PVP. On the kapa there is no motivation to get the top gear. The crafting system is not developed enough (although I can make mistakes in this).

    My opinion is that on the roof it is necessary to enter the races 0.1x here then we prochuvstvuem teru in all its glory, and the lack of content no one will complain

    17 august 2017 18:18 1625

    I agree with you. Tera is a decent game, that is playable now and then. Plus, it's a free alternative to WoW. However, it's rediculously hard to level up.

    31 may 2019 18:36 1625

    The massive amounts of spamming here is so overpowered.
    Time to report these lil hungry "peasants" for their own usage.

    31 may 2019 19:36 1625

    It is free but i seem to get lots of bugs and my progress doesn't change? Does this happen to anyone else?

    23 june 2019 11:45 1625

    English needs improvement, but still a job well done.

    26 june 2019 16:53 1625

    one of the games that i have played and enjoyed

    11 july 2019 10:16 1625

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