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    War Thunder

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    Excited for ships?

    As you can see in the War Thunder logo, there is a ship, a plane, and a tank within it. As of yet, air and ground combat have been released. What's remaining is, obviously, naval combat. Is anyone excited for naval combat? I sure am!

    15 august 2017 09:20 11

    Man, I'm waiting for this for years! Can't wait

    16 august 2017 16:33 11

    Oh I am very excited for the ships. Gonna smash all the Wargaming games into one! I looveee it!

    20 august 2017 16:13 11


    7 may 2020 23:49 11

    كيغ ايجو خيبر في حشاء اخش غزاوي علي طحين سجال حاد بين اغريق همسة بين عين الافعي تأكل مما لاتشتهي السفن لما كانت في البيت والضجيج ارهق من اعمال شاقة لذلك تقوووو

    11 may 2020 14:09 11

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