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    this game is pay to win

    since like season 2 they said that save the world will be free in 2018 and like its been 2190910 seasons since they said that it will be free also you always get bullied by little kids that you are a default and im like bruh i dont wanna spend money on this **** also those skins that you have are bought by your mommys credit card so shut the heck up already i dont care that she pent 10 dollars on your little spoiled brat ****

    10 november 2019 08:37 2830

    just dont play fortnite

    10 november 2019 09:28 2830

    well i dont play fortnite

    10 november 2019 09:28 2830

    ther are a lot of pro's

    10 november 2019 21:27 2830

    It litteraly doesnt matter if you dont have a skin or not, if you have skill youre gonna be good whatever skin you have!

    10 november 2019 22:31 2830

    yes it is game is pay to win alot😁😆👹🏁👹😆😁🚩🚩🚩🚩

    16 november 2019 17:16 2830

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