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    oof this game is old

    i remember this game when i was a little little kid like 5-7

    10 november 2019 08:31 17


    10 november 2019 08:57 17

    It really is lol

    10 november 2019 15:13 17

    How old is this game i don’t remember it

    2 december 2019 10:31 17

    i dont remember neither yo guys if u finish this tongue twister your special but dont cheat and type i did it without doing it so here it is" she sells sea shells by the seashore" or try this for beginers "toy store" say it five times or ten if u want to if u pass this tell me i hardly even finished the first one

    6 december 2019 16:56 17

    Yeah,but still not bad for this game.

    12 december 2019 19:34 17

    it happens to say copyright 2002 at the bottom, which gives me the feeling it wasn't updated for a long time. Or the developers quit making it

    24 december 2019 14:39 17

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