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    Fortnite or minecraft?

    Minecraft bruuuuuuuuuuuuuh

    10 november 2019 22:11 2830

    Everyone is saying MC is better. In my opinion, Fortnite is more enjoyable for the majority of the time. I feel minecraft can motivate you to do something, but you/JUST ME quits in like 2 seconds because I lose all of my motivation. I think fortnite is better because it is more enjoyable to just jump die jump win jump win etc. But the problem with fortnite is that every 4 months about you get tired of jumping dying jumping winning and you take a break from it. But my breaks are about a month so that is a gap of random games. Thats just my opinion. :0

    11 november 2019 06:26 2830

    Minecraft, a game for the cultured.

    11 november 2019 19:03 2830

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