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    Why you Should NOT buy the New Treasure.

    Chapter 1: Nothing New.
    Now, for those of you who didn’t check the treasure in-game since it’s not the weekend yet, a new treasure called “Treasure of the Timeless Rite” was released yesterday and oh boy did the community begin spamming Reddit and other social medias about how horrible it is. All the sets except one, are actually marketable on the Steam market.
    Chapter 2: A Good Bargain!
    Looking at the common sets, almost every set can be purchased for less than a dollar. But that will also decrease further due to the increasing quantity, thanks to the “new” treasure.
    In fact, even the rare and ultra rare sets can be purchased for cheap too! The ultra rare set being the Skywrath Mage infused set can be purchased from the market for less than a dollar!
    Now, for the average DOTA2 player from SEA, CIS, EU and Americas, there’s literally no reason why you should or would buy the treasure, even if it only costs 2 USD. The only reason being that there’s an exclusive Timbersaw set from the Frankfurt Major 2015 that was supposed to be untradeable, unmarketable and not giftable. In fact, it wasn’t even targeted for most of us to begin with!
    Chapter 3: The Other Side of the World.
    The treasure is actually targeted to Chinese DOTA2 community, where most Chinese players do not have access to the community market, which you can buy the sets yourself for less than 50 cents.
    According to Reddit users, -desolation- and SigmaScape, gambling is illegal in China, where gambling refers to allowing customers to have an opportunity of gaining something of higher price than what’s paid.
    Now, you could say that the new treasure is also gambling in a way. Yes it is, but since the customer will not be able to sell the sets on the market, it has no monetary value to be considered gambling.
    Chapter 4: A New Rule.
    2 days ago, the Chinese officials have released new law and rules to curb video game addiction. One of the two rules is that every young gamer of age below 18 can only spend a maximum of 57USD a month. Not only will this affect the DOTA2 economy but next year’s International 2020 could potentially be affected as well. Until then, everyone else outside of China, should prepare bigger wallets because someone has to contribute to TI10’s prize pool which aims to break this year’s 30M USD prize pool.
    The other rule imposed was that young gamers can only spend 90 minutes of gaming on weekdays and no games after 10pm! Besides their objective to curb video game addiction, it was also a response to the rise in nearsightedness disease among younger generation.
    Chapter 5: Appreciating What we Have.
    Now then, perhaps we shouldn’t be complaining about Valve releasing a treasure of existing skins since we didn’t have the restrictions of not being able to access the Steam market. That said, it’s the weekends, so instead of playing DOTA, go watch the Summit 11 minor! Stay tune

    9 november 2019 01:48 5035

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