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    Can anybody give me some tips about this game?

    Thnkyu :3

    8 august 2017 20:48 80

    Some easy tips actually,
    The only thing you need to worry about the game is to keep the orcs away.
    Always try and stick together and DO NOT play hero. For all you can win when you work together.
    Remember "No Man/Woman is an Island"
    (Meaning: No man/woman can live alone)
    My Opionion.

    20 august 2017 16:05 80


    21 august 2017 11:15 80

    A tip..click.

    28 august 2017 21:41 80

    thansk for spamming

    29 august 2017 21:13 80

    Just watch a video on YouTube xD , forum on a random app won't really help ye' .

    24 august 2019 11:04 80

    5. Learn Your Traps and Your Environment

    In the early stages of the game you will only encounter the most basic of traps, but as you progress, more and more will become available to you. It is important to learn your traps and figure out their strengths: floor spikes are one of your strongest forms of defense, but they don’t activate often. Arrow Walls are fantastic at choke points but aren’t enough to hold the enemy at bay on their own. It is key to recognize the strength of your traps and the most important places to put them in conjunction: low ceilings and narrow paths will be the perfect basis for some fantastic combos, but sadly few stages are built in such an ideal way. You’ll need to focus on concentrated areas to deal the highest amount of damage.

    4. Upgrade Constantly

    Once you get the hang of how to place traps, you’ll find a few key strategies you love to do. This is great, but even the greatest trap combination will still manage to let a few enemies slip through. It is vitally important – like in any tower defense game – to upgrade your traps. While Tier 1 traps will mostly help you get by in the early waves, by the time you hit a boss wave you’ll be lucky if you dent their armor. Upgrades need to be discovered in chests and purchased with the in-game currency. I suggest trying to get your floor spikes up the fastest as they will be your go-to for damage and should ideally be littering the floor. In between matches, you should always look to see what can be upgraded, as trying to take down the horde with only basic traps will be a significant pain in the rear.

    3. Make A Maze – A Death Maze

    So by this point, you’ve picked up the idea of high damage choke points, upgraded some traps, but the enemy is still barreling down at you full speed. This is where the experience of tower defense comes in: the maze.

    24 august 2019 11:29 80

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