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    how to buy?

    8 august 2017 10:58 7

    u evr wondr y peepls have hi iq? wel i belief it's bcuz world done got corruption in it. peepl with high iq r actuly reely dumb but peepl wit a iq of 42 lyk mii r actuuly rly smrt n thuh wurld dun wan belief it bcuz thay r 2 sentitive haha I said *** but bak 2 point. u sea d wurld wan babi retartd peepl so thay giv tem hi iqs. it lik how tygr is tygr u dun giv chillren food. chillren r skum, I'll talk bout it l8r. wel I done 4 now

    11 august 2017 04:01 7

    nice gamee

    4 september 2017 03:29 7

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