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    Sccc on playing in the carry role this season: “It’s not really that difficult”

    After his team’s successful MDL Chengdu Major qualifiers run, Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei invited Song “Sccc” Chun on his , and both of them answered a few fans questions before heading to a celebration dinner.
    Team Aster was founded by BurNIng at the beginning of the previous season, but couldn’t power through the rather stacked Chinese region. They qualified for the first two Majors, however, they finished just bottom four both times, and after the Chinese new year, the team underwent numerous roster changes, trying to find the right fit to help them secure a ticket to The International 2019. Unfortunately for BurNIng, the team missed the opportunity of playing at the first-ever TI held on the Chinese soil. In the post-event shuffle, Aster reinforced their line-up with Pan “Fade” Yi and Sccc, and are now one of the three teams from China to play on the first Major of the new season. They had a strong run in the qualifiers, finishing first in their group, then claiming a spot from the upper bracket playoffs.
    Sccc is playing in the carry role now, a position he never tried before and asked by the stream viewers how does he feel about the transition from mid lane to carry he said: “There is no pressure for me to play position 1, it’s not really that difficult. To be honest, I still want to play mid, even though last year my performance was disappointing and there are people doubting me. But I know what happened last year and how my shape was. I can’t explain more here, but despite the fact I was playing poorly last year, I think I can still play mid. Of course, I can also play position 1. I think I’m comfortable with all roles as long as I can get good results.”
    In the last two games of the final series for a ticket to the Major, Aster’s Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao went with a greedy item build on his support Rubick and purchased Boots of Travel rather early, around the 20-minute mark. Aster lost game two, but in spite of the result, BoBoKa went with the same itemization in the decisive match. The fans asked Burning and Sccc what was with that item build and if the team was on board with BoBoKa’s decision.
    BoBoKa’s Rubick in game 3 vs EHOME
    Sccc: “That was actually part of our strategy, we do it all the time in scrims. With BOT, Rubick can shove lanes really quick and also provides extra information of the whereabouts of enemies. In addition to that, I can also split push which means the enemy team will have to respond to 2 lanes. Overall, it was a great choice.”
    Burning: “His job is to farm and feed, you know, if enemies gank him, he will give us more information.”
    Regarding the goals set for the Chengdu Major, the two said that they aim for top four, and if they reach that, then the team will be more confident to actually contest the title.
    MDL Chengdu Major will unfold November 16-24 with 16 teams fighting for a share of the 15,000 Dota Pro Circuit points and the one million dollars prize pool.

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