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    Congratulations to KACI for joining VALVE!

    Chapter 1: Who’s Kaci?
    Ah, Kaci. You probably would have recognized her from the Internationals she used to work alongside SirActionSlacks way back in 2017. The truth is, Kaci has been around since 7 years ago, supporting Valve’s biggest event, The Internationals, and possibly more.
    And let’s be frank here, everyone absolutely loves her! From her goofy interviews with pro players to entertaining content, she’s always there to make all of us feel that DOTA2 is a great game after all. Now, one of her biggest participations in the Internationals, dates back to TI7, when she played the role as Omni Knight cosplay along with Slacks as Crystal Maiden. While the donkey is cosplaying as James Charles. The trio even gets their very own official TI7 courier.
    Chapter 2: More than 2 but Less than 4.
    Another cool clip featuring Kaci, SirActionSlacks and also Gabe Newell, is in the International 2018, when they released a Gabe Newell Announcer Pack for Battle Pass owners. The whole clip is definitely hilarious and well-acted.
    Gabe Newell Announcer Pack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT3v5dd0SFU
    And also, let’s not forget that Kaci actually landed a stunt? Anyways, it’s kind of cool too. Here’s the clip, https://youtu.be/VQ8Dm2zIgUM?t=279
    Chapter 3: IT’S OFFICIAL!!!
    Anyways, heading into the new DPC season, Kaci tweeted out that she has officially joined Valve FULL-TIME. Before this, Kaci does events for various parties too but this time, Valve really wants her to be their permanent crew, exclusively.
    She also confirmed that there’s many projects that she can now jump into and that includes the much-anticipated International 2020. Well, it’s not like anyone in the community is expecting anyone else anyways. After all, it’s Kaci!
    Chapter 4: From Newsperson to eSports Talent.
    The journey that led Kaci to become an eSports talent was never something that she would have expected doing. From being a newsperson to dropping stunts at the International 2019, it definitely has been an exciting journey for her.
    Anyways, are you looking forward to more Kaci action soon? Tell us in the comments! Stay tuned.

    11 october 2019 10:35 5035

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