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    Aimbot is for newbies

    We all know that hackers are noob that's ehy they hack literaly

    9 october 2019 09:42 808

    hackers=noob cuz no skill

    9 october 2019 14:09 808

    Its so annoying when hackers join casual and kill you even though casual has no benefits to winning and then you try to kick them and they dont vote yes!

    9 october 2019 14:11 808

    I wouldn't say that they have no skill.

    There are multiple reasons one would use cheats.

    1)To see how it is like to use cheats in the first place
    2)They have been annoyed by other cheaters
    3)They are enjoying to play HvH
    4)They are practicing the ways of using cheats so they could make it seem less obvious
    and so on.

    9 october 2019 14:39 808

    for bot(s) bro

    10 october 2019 16:20 808

    im hate hack becuse i m n o o b

    10 october 2019 17:57 808

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