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    Dendi speaks about his new project

    The new season has already started, but a few players are yet to reveal the full details on their big personal projects. There are at least two new player owned teams that fans are impatiently waiting to be announced. One is the already partially announced project of former Team Liquid players, the other one is Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s new team.
    Perhaps one of the biggest Esports ambassadors, Dendi has always been an iconic image for Dota 2, and even a year after he left Natus Vincere, his name is still so difficult for the fans to associate with any other colors than the black and yellow of the Ukrainian organization. After he moved to an inactive position in Na’Vi last year, Dendi took the previous season to play in Southeast Asia for a while. He was a part of the Filipino based team Tigers, but the squad hasn’t made any strong impact competitive wise. He also stood in occasionally for a few teams, but as he said in an interview with , he never knew for sure if a team wanted him as a player of if they only wanted to take advantage of his name and the image boost he brings with him. “I was worried about it a lot,” he confessed.
    Returned back home from TI9, where he was a part of the English and Russian broadcasts, Dendi announced that he will form a team of his own and that he will return to active play. By the looks of it, Dendi didn’t want to rush things, and although the roster lock deadline is far behind us, he is yet to reveal the team. “I saw how organizations and teams grew in different directions and I wasn’t always agreeing with everything that was happening. I want to do something that everyone will enjoy. It would be something I would be sure in and would have my full trust, my full power, I would give myself completely to this thing,” Dendi explained to esportobserver. He also mentioned that he wants to build a team that appeals to the public from the regions where Dota 2 has the biggest fan base, such as CIS, SEA, and China. He reckons that after China the CIS region is the biggest one in terms of fans and that the esports are already catching the eye of big commercial companies.
    Regarding the roster of his team, he said that for the moment he is looking at players from Europe and CIS because the two regions are close to each other and it will ease the logistic process. “Obviously I’m going to aim for the best players I can get, but it would be cool to be global for everyone to follow us,” he said. Dendi’s new project will be more than just a Dota 2 team, although he will start with that because “it’s the game I play and know really well. It’s the game I grew up with. I’ve played it for 14-15 years.” He mentioned that he is not alone in this new beginning of his, having a team of “very talented people in different areas” that he trusts.
    “There are a lot of ways to go about it, I think. I also think that I’m going to build a team in some new way of methodology. I want to give back to people that are cheering for me from all over the world, that’s why I decided I wanted to do it in the way I see fit. I will try to make people happy so they can follow something they like and can rely on.”
    With that in mind, fans should most probably expect Dendi to make the big announcement after the first set of Minor and Major tournaments of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit season.

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