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    Lords Mobile

    (4.41/5) 40148 rates

    Play and get

    Soul Gems

    For 2 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach Castle level 14 and get "Winning Start" pack

    This is one of the worst mobile game i`ve ever played

    It`s so bad, the mechanic is clearly Pay To Win. If you are a parent do not let your kids play this awful excuse of a game since it`ll incite the needs of paying using real money to skip through pretty much most of it`s mechanic for example building, training, and researching. Sure, it`s great that this game doesn`t have egregious unlike most mobile game nowadays uses the "Gacha" or formally known to the west as "Loot boxes" it`s straight up gambling. You can argue if it`s gambling or not and in my opinion it is and it can easily influenced mostly to the mindset of children and teenagers where they`ll spend most of their money feeding in to their addiction through the game. monetary system. Overall, this isn`t the only game that does this and many more so we`ll need to beware of this type of games and sure you may have loads of money you could spend but for others that don`t, that`s where the problems come from.

    5 october 2019 12:20 2212

    прям отень

    5 october 2019 13:15 2212

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