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    Top 3 cheap AWP skins

    1. AWP Fever Dream - Factory New The only skin on this list from 2017 is the Fever Dream and, luckily for us, its price is cheap enough for to look at its minimal wear version. The design looks almost graffiti-like, and has lots of quirky and stunning images to make this a killer of a skin for under 10 dollars. Make sure you do that #HEADSHOT proud, though. 2. AWP PAW - Field Tested The AWP PAW is one of the most unique AWP skins you can find in CS:GO, and adds a welcome touch of playfulness to a FPS game. Patterned with the wacky faces of various dogs, you won’t find a more suitable addition to your inventory if you’re looking for a skin that goes against the mold. And, you know, dogs are awesome. 3. AWP Redline - Field Tested It's a common misconception that the Redline is exclusive to the AK-47, but it isn't, as it's very clearly on this AWP skin (and we're glad about that)! The elegant carbon fibre base goes very well the with simplistic but well-placed red stripes. This is a great budget AWP skin if you're able to spend a tad over $10 to get your hands on it - it's just $15!

    4 october 2019 11:42 808

    çizgileriyle çok iyi gider. Elinize almak için 10 dolardan biraz fazla para harcayabiliyorsanı

    4 october 2019 16:04 808

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