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    Welcome the Teams invited for Chengdu major qualifiers!

    Chapter 1: It’s Finally Announced.
    With only 2 days before the much-awaited major qualifiers of the Chengdu major, MarsTV has finally announced all invited teams who will play the regional qualifiers. Each region consisting of 2-3 slots for teams to secure their ticket to the major.
    Without further ado, we start off with SEA division. Some familiar teams that you know would be of course, Fnatic and TNC Predator. However, both teams have new rosters, so we will have to wait till they play their first games to see if they are worth keeping an eye out. Meanwhile, Kuku is back with his new team at GeekFam.
    Other teams that might just surprise us is the Indonesian squad, led by top Immortal rank player, InYourDream, in BOOM Esports. Veterans such as Meracle and WinteR are also making their comeback in the pro scene in their new team, Alpha x Hashtag. Then, more veterans are debuting their new season such as kYxY after what felt like ages since he last played in a Valve event, in Reality Rift. Lastly, Sterling Global Dragons and Team Jinesbrus are also invited.
    Chapter 2: China’s Best.
    Looking at the China division, unfortunately, the second runner-up of TI9, PSG.LGD, has announced that they are skipping the first major. That said, the second best team and LGD’s best friend, Vici Gaming, makes its way to the new season, featuring their existing roster but without Fade who left for Team Aster (replaced by Pyw).
    Veteran Malaysian player, Mushi, returns to the pro scene, in Keen Gaming, as a pos5 and probably captain. Looking at China’s most hyped team, Team Aster makes its debut again, with a roster of all-stars, Sccc, Fade and Boboka. Let’s not forget our home boys, EHOME, housing the strengths of 2 TI5 winners, Faith_bian and y’ but this time they brought a new prodigy from Malaysia, vtFaded, to spice things up.
    Other teams are also looking promising such as Invictus Gaming, Team RNG, Sirius and CDEC Gaming. With Kaka playing in IG and Team RNG consisting of several TI9 players, they are definitely no joke in this qualifiers, even for VG to deal with.
    Chapter 3: EU and CIS.
    Looking at EU, the region is only getting 2 slots for obvious reasons, due to the lack of powerhouse teams such as Secret, OG and Liquid, who are skipping the first major. However, you can still look forward to Ninjas in Pyjamas, featuring former EG players, PPD and UNIVERSE, with a hint of new blood, Gunnar.
    Former TI3 Champion, EGM will be lending his strength with Chessie and KheZu, to play under GODSENT. The ever-so-entertaining Greek squad, Ad Finem, is making a comeback too. The final 2 underdog teams being Wind and Rain, Hippomaniacs and Singularity.
    Meanwhile from CIS, Virtus.pro with their new roster with Resolution, makes their entry as the most fearsome team of CIS, alongside Navi and Gambit. Some newer teams coming along is HellRaisers featuring veterans like ALOHADANCE and Miposhka while former OG stand-in, iLTW had a team with Ghostik and Immersion too playing under the name Positive Guys, are looking promising too. Let’s not forget God himself is playing for Old but Gold, with Illidan and VANSKOR. There’s only 6 invited teams in CIS, so they have 4 open qualifier slots instead.
    Chapter 4: Americans.
    For once, the Americas division actually looks more competitive than EU and CIS combined. In NA region, Evil Geniuses will be playing against the likes of J.Storm, Xolotl, Fighting Pepegas, Quincy Crew and Team Plus.
    You would want to watch Fighting Pepegas, EE’s return with Aui_2000 (former TI5 Champion) and Sumail’s first team outside EG with his brother, Yawar, at Quincy Crew. Furthermore, Fear is also in the qualifiers in J.Storm.
    Over at SA, there’s no shortage of teams as well, with familiar names such as PaiN Gaming, Infamous and Team Anvorgesa. The Brazillian teams such as NoPing e-sports and FURIA are new teams that we have not seen before, along with Peruvian teams like Team Unknown, Golliaz-Pride and EgoBoys. If there’s one region with the most tier-3 teams, it’s definitely SA, but let’s see who will actually make it to the major.
    Chapter 5: 60 Teams, 15 Slots.
    60 teams will be fighting for only 15 tickets to the first ever major in Chengdu. What’s more important here is that it’s a major that has the least powerhouses, with so many big teams taking a break after TI9. If this isn’t the best opportunity to gain some early DPC points, I don’t know when is.

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