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    Can't login on site - any other people experiencing this?

    I currently can't login on site, but i can with my mobile app, does anybody what's happening? Is there a maintenance check?

    2 october 2019 03:10 1628

    Yea i couldn't too log in but just did with steam

    2 october 2019 07:05 1628

    I had this problem 3 days ago but now it is working.

    2 october 2019 17:11 1628

    Yeah. Logging From Steam is An Easy Way.

    6 october 2019 04:49 1628

    You can easily login with steam.

    6 october 2019 16:55 1628

    Hello, thank you for your suggestions especially regarding logging in through steam, I still can't login directly using my gamehag account though. I've successfully logged in again. Thank you very much.

    Also, everyone who spammed in this thread is now reported. Prepare for your exp loss or possbile baniment. Namely:

    Lastly, @monkyxlofy, you cannot advertise any other sites here on gamehag. If you get reported there will be consequences.

    That's all, have a good day.

    8 october 2019 02:57 1628

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