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    The season of reshuffle madness continues... and more esports stories from the week

    Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Swamped with work or school? Enjoyed the coming of the Fall instead of staying on the internet 24/7? VPEsports’ Stories from the Week brings you all the biggest headlines you might have missed.
    In the aftermath of Reshuffle Madness, Valve has released a small Dota 2 patch, hitting a few items, neutral creeps and five heroes. Basic neutrals will now give 5% less experience, which should hurt early-game jungling. Then, we have Kunkka’s boat CD increased; Mirana’s Sacred Arrow flying slower; Night Stalker getting his 20 and 25 talents nerfed; Tiny hitting for less with Avalanche; and Windranger level 10 talent regenerating fewer Mana.
    Let’s see how all this affects the pubs.
    For Virtus.pro, 2019 was one of their worst years, with early bomb out of TI9, so of course the team had to make changes. With Ramzes and 9pasha departing, the “bears” had to fill some voids and now former carry Resolut1on is joining VP as an offlaner. VP still don’t have a full roster, however, as RodjER has been benched for the time being and the future in front of CIS’ best team is still uncertain.
    After much speculation, we now know the stack that SumaiL will play on. As reported before, the young carry will join his brother Yawar on a new team that also features CCnC, MSS, and SVG.
    The stack looks powerful and a good contender for the best in NA early in the DPC season and it will be interesting to see how far the Hassan brothers can go together.
    Although active in the Counter-Strike scene between 2007-2012, Evil Geniuses have never really been involved in CS:GO in particular. Now that they’ve signed the former roster of NRG Esports, however, EG have come to make a statement. Over the weekend, the org debuted at ESL One New York and won the event, beating reigning Major champions Astralis 3-1 in the grand final. EG also won their group without dropping a single map, besting all of Astralis, OpTic Gaming and the new FaZe Clan to establish dominance.
    The only team EG couldn’t prove themselves over this weekend was Team Liquid, who lost to Astralis 1-2 in the semifinal.
    After being gone from the active map pool since March, Cache might return to CS:GO after all. During ESL One New York, fans got to see a reworked version of the map in a showmatch between pros and casters — and it’s looking good. Creators FMPONE said the map will be released in October after they gather and process all the feedback from ESL New York, and then we can potentially look forward to the map returning and perhaps edging out Vertigo — a map that hasn’t been too well received by the community.
    It turns out LoL’s autobattler mode Teamfight Tactics is more popular than you might’ve thought. According to Riot Games, more than 33 million are playing TFT each month, most of which are coming from China. Despite declining viewership on Twitch, the mode still holds a massive player bases and has attracted new players to the LoL client, the developer says.
    With rumors about LoL Mobile coming in 2020, TFT is likely to follow suit too. And if it gets to be on mobile phones and tablets, TFT’s competition will have to think of new ways to stay in the race: a race they’re already losing.
    Yes, WoW Classic isn’t as popular as it was on launch, but there are still hundreds of thousands of players leveling up and raiding each day. To celebrate the game, the biggest WoW Classic streamer, Asmongold, has raised $40,000 and will hold a duel tournament on his server Faerlina some time in October.
    So if you’re a die-hard, armed-to-the-teeth WoW Classic player, this one might be for you. It’s unlikely WoW Classic develops any sort of esports scene and Asmongold’s duel tournament will probably remain one of the few opportunities to earn money from farming your nostalgia.

    1 october 2019 05:26 5035

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