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    Lords mobile won't give you any SG

    For the people that are new and are confused why their contract with Lords mobile didn't work is because even if you are a new user to the game, they can't care less to give you SG. They got the download they needed, some of you probably rated it too. My point is- they just need you until you finished the task (getting another download on google play or the app store) Don't expect any SG since Gamehag doesn't claim any responsibility over their site and what happens in it.

    24 august 2019 11:01 2212

    Strange... :(

    6 november 2019 17:43 2212

    I use free GE app and lords mobile didnt work for me since I didnt do it right (accept task, download and start game immediatly and play for few minutes). My igg number was wrong

    19 january 2020 03:21 2212

    weird that a lot of people have completed the task but no one received the gems and gamehag still hasn't removed it.

    22 january 2020 07:12 2212

    normally ok and perfect.I like gaming much

    23 april 2020 11:31 2212

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