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    Bad game ........

    The game style is pretty cool, the idea is pretty cool. Its impossible to play though, i cant play because everytime some dude that already wasted 2000 hours in the game just kills me every single game. Has anyone ever thought about match making? People with the same skill competing each other to make things more interesting? Nah. The worst implementation a game like this could have, and the developers only think about adding skins, since that's what makes money. A disgracefull game.

    23 august 2019 15:21 2830

    Sometimes this game upsets me, sometimes it makes me happy. For each, it is different, differently good or bad, interesting or boring

    24 august 2019 12:58 2830

    yeah im not into it it s just not my type

    24 august 2019 14:22 2830

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