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    F: Battle Royale

    (4.24/5) 3146 rates

    what is your favorite weapon from season 1 to season X

    Pump Shotgun

    21 august 2019 18:27 2830

    Love it or hate it, the Drum Gun is one of the more dominant weapons to have ever been into Fortnite. The community voted it back into the game, and now it's back to spamming down walls and decreasing health totals. The ease of use with this weapon is what probably explains its popularity, you can pretty much replace your assault rifle with it because it's reasonable at mid-range and can deal a lot of damage quickly in close. With the Pump Shotgun being thrown into the vault, it is actually possible to now run a loadout that doesn't have a Shotgun.

    The Drum Gun did get hit by a nerf, so it has definitely been taken down a peg or two. Some players prefer the Suppressed SMG over this due to its accuracy.

    22 august 2019 04:51 2830

    Top Hi!!!!

    22 august 2019 08:44 2830

    Thats a good question! When first landing I always prefer to have a Pump or a Pistol (Believe it or not they are strong!) And mid to late game I would like to have snipers and SMG's.

    22 august 2019 09:05 2830

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