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    F: Battle Royale

    (4.24/5) 3212 rates

    your favorite season battle pass

    mine is the season X battle pass

    21 august 2019 11:39 2830

    i played in season 3 and this is my favorite season

    21 august 2019 12:16 2830

    Season X, it's just the ultimate battle pass.

    21 august 2019 16:45 2830

    For me, Fortnite season 2 was the best Fortnite experience. From the vast majority of players diving out of the battle bus for the first time to the barren terrain that covered most of the map, Fortnite season 2 is what was expected from the term “battle royale”. Winning a game meant something back then, everybody played cautiously but not so much that every game was a camp-fest. Every game you played, you felt yourself learning and improving as a player.

    The majority of season 2 was what veterans of the game call the “OG” map. Pleasant Park, Retail Row and Greasy Grove were the three main points of interest and many of the built up locations we know and love today didn’t exist. Players often used the terrain to their advantage as it was hillier, putting less of an emphasis on building , which led to much tenser situations as players snuck around, adopting stealthy playstyles.

    22 august 2019 04:53 2830

    Season X and Season 5, Amazing skins with very cool effects and styles!

    22 august 2019 09:17 2830

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