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    Proof That Gamehag Is The Best For Earning Free Giftcards and Games

    Gamehag is one of a kind. It is undeniably superior to all the other sites with the same idea like CashForApps and AppNana. Using these others sites is a waste of your time, you will earn those rewards faster on Gamehag. Gamehag is clearly has better bang for your time. If you want to actually earn something with these types of apps, use Gamehag. Life is only short, don't waste it.
    Gamehag has lots of features that set it apart from all of those other apps with the same idea. Gamehag makes it much easier to redeem prizes quickly as the prices of there store are significantly cheaper than the one at other apps. You could earn a $5 steam gift card in one and a half hours on this site. Another great feature for gamers and csgo players is that you can redeem your soulgems for the game or csgo skins straight from the site and get a steam code for them, this is better than the other sites because it saves you the hassle of putting a steam card on your account then finding and buying the game. Also on this site you can play games and earn soulgems while having fun and most of the time on other sites you have to do boring things like doing surveys. This feature enables you to earn some cash while playing frogger or world of tanks and makes the whole experince more fun and enjoyable. Gamehag is 100% better than the other sites by far, it provides you better rewards for less of the time while having fun. If anybody still thinks that after reading this article that the other sites are better than they will be wasting there time doing surveys while the people who are using this site are having fun and earning more money and earning it faster. Gamehag has set itself apart from the competition by have great features, these features are what make this app so great.

    -Michael  (I was not paid to write this article about Gamehag. These were my honest opinions and facts)

    14 july 2017 18:20 1625

    Its not slow. I earned 2000 sg in 2 days. Just be patient and play hard

    21 august 2018 18:21 1625

    ı earned 4083 sg

    25 september 2018 07:37 1625

    it's a very good site i got 15 dollars steam wallets in about 4 days

    25 september 2018 10:02 1625

    Yep isnt hard unless you aint good at doing the tasks

    23 october 2018 05:51 1625

    i earned only 500 sg.but i think this is good site!!!

    28 january 2019 23:02 1625

    in 2 days i got 217 sg it sucks

    29 january 2019 00:28 1625

    i have 120 gem in 3 days

    29 january 2019 08:55 1625

    almost 2 months - 2969...

    29 january 2019 10:17 1625

    Yes. Gamehag is the best one.

    29 january 2019 10:21 1625

    gamehag is one of the best site to earn giftcards

    29 january 2019 14:15 1625

    I just ordered my first reward but it says it can take upto 30 days. grrr! i hate waiting...but i guess i have to!

    30 january 2019 02:35 1625

    It is legit

    30 january 2019 08:07 1625

    Here I can only get max 105 SG per day because 1) there are no surveys available. 2) that app download points does not detects my action.

    30 january 2019 19:34 1625

    3) I played a lot of games on gamehag but still can't get even 1 SG because it doesn't detects. So all i can do is login, app zone(only ads) & level up.

    30 january 2019 19:35 1625

    @addwrd I am on a Mac so I am also losing out on many SGs by not being able to play PC only or mobile only games let alone do contracts. There have also been some browser games that were not available in my country so in the end it all balances out I think. Some you get, some you don't! Hope this helps!!

    1 february 2019 02:17 1625

    If u are used to wait u can get good rewards from here tho.

    1 february 2019 20:29 1625

    Made over 5k in one week :)

    1 february 2019 21:17 1625

    It's legit, but you have to be really carefull with tasks, because they can often not be accepted.

    1 february 2019 23:31 1625

    Many desktop tasks get rejected for completion but mobile ones seem to work well.

    2 february 2019 03:47 1625

    only one button for thoudsands of gems, so far so good

    5 february 2019 18:35 1625

    No other redeem side offer what gamehag is offring and it is 100% legit i both warhammer 4k space marin which is 29.99$ in steam. So it is 100% better then any gift side.

    7 february 2019 10:05 1625

    Yes only the serious people get fast rewards.

    7 february 2019 12:40 1625

    Just be patient

    7 february 2019 21:36 1625

    One week and here I am now. With 1060 SG

    8 february 2019 14:25 1625

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