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    Newbee Avenge their Loss back in TI7 against Liquid.

    Chapter 1: Two Years.
    Ah, revenge definitely tasted really sweet today for the boys over at Newbee. It has been 2 years since the grand finals between Newbee and Liquid, sealed Liquid as the TI7 Champions. Newbee making it into finals gave everyone the impression that Newbee is a very strong team coming into TI8.
    Yet, it was the biggest upset we ever seen in the history of Internationals as Newbee gets last place in TI8 after losing the best-of-one series against Winstrike. After that, it all went downhill, as players leave the squad such as kpii and Kaka. Over the DPC season, Newbee attempted various roster shuffle but to no avail, even after the TI9 qualifiers.
    Chapter 2: Cool, Calm and Collected.
    Newbee’s name somehow got into TI9, and it was probably the most unexpected thing to happen. Newbee picked up the former Forward Gaming roster whose organization had to dismiss the squad before even going to TI9.
    Yesterday, on the first day of TI9, Newbee stomped through Liquid as if they were just a tier-2 team. In game 1, CCnC shows insane performance throughout the game along with other cores but Miracle’s Alchemist snowballed enough to make a slight comeback sensation. Yet, in the end, Newbee were able to catch Liquid off-guard and CCnC became even harder to kill after he got himself Aeon Disk and Roshan’s scepter.
    As Newbee marches into Liquid’s base, Liquid’s high ground defence was impeccable but Newbee was able to “bait” Liquid out of their base. Yawar on Sven pretended to be caught off-guard and Newbee players seemed like they were retreating. Of course, Liquid took the opportunity to force more out of Newbee’s retreat.
    Little did they know, Newbee was waiting for this chance to end the game. As Liquid chases forward, CCnC dives back into Liquid, catching all of them while Sven buys back and teleported back to the fight to sweep out Liquid. Newbee knew Liquid had no buybacks on their core players and made the smartest decision to punish Liquid for their naïve actions.
    Chapter 3: MIRACLUL AM.
    In the second game, Liquid picks Anti-mage for Miracle despite realising Newbee picked Legion Commander. Anyways, the early game started out great for Liquid, with Mind_Control Axe dominating the laning stage and Liquid actually won every single lane.
    But the biggest mistake they did was leaving CCnC alone at mid. CCnC had the game all to himself, as he gets enough farm in the midgame, when AM is definitely not ready for a teamfight. Sneyking’s LC was able to go online with his Blink dagger really early and caught Miracle off-guard so many times.
    Eventually, it seemed like Miracle just couldn’t come back from the game anymore as he just keeps getting caught by LC duel moments after he respawned. Needless to say, you could imagine how uselessly painful is it to watch an AM being destroyed.
    W33’s last pick Pangolier didn’t pan out as they were hoping for, while he did get decent farm to roll around in fights, it wasn’t enough to kill anyone as Newbee has OD and Shadow Demon to save their teammates. But that’s not all, MSS is also on his Io which can relocate anyone back to safety. Let’s just say Liquid just got outplayed big time, not just in drafts but even performance.
    Chapter 4: Not Feeling Newbie Anymore.
    While Newbee did lose to Team Secret, it was a really close one to be frank. It was not easy even for Secret to try to take the game. As for today, Newbee faces yet another threat, and it’s a big one. PSG.LGD is looking as strong as always with FY Rubick single-handedly controlling enemy cores while TNC though they had a rough day 1, is not a team to underestimate.
    Will Newbee make it further than what they accomplished last year? Stay tuned as the International 9 continues!

    17 august 2019 05:26 5035

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