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    PC vs Console: Which is better to play?

    All gamers must make a choice: PC, console or both. Discussing which is the best
    is the kind of debate that ignites the boards; which is the cheapest, with the
    best graphics and the best multiplayer competition? If you are trying to decide
    between buying a gaming console or PC, we will examine every part of the PC vs.
    debate. console to help you in the decision.

    Whether you want to use a console or PC, the most important thing is to have fun
    in the game. Considerations such as your budget, technical skills and available
    updates play an important role in your decision about how to appreciate the game.

    PC and console gamers both want the best, but how it looks and how it is measured
    changes depending on the group. For a console gamer, the costs are generally
    limited to the purchase of the console, controller, games and perhaps additional
    online multiplayer passes. For a PC gamer there is a wide variety of purchase
    options if you choose to assemble the computer yourself, but not all PC gamers
    have their own custom machine.
    Given that there is such a wide variety of possibilities and differences in perceived value, it is impossible to say which is more economical between PC and console. It depends entirely on the individual. The level of customization and performance you are looking for determines the budget you'll need for the platform you want. Technical skills:
    Typically, PC gamers have more technical capabilities than console gamers.
    Although it is possible to modify a console add new hardware, it is not
    necessary. Gamer on consoles must be able to install the sequel or update their
    games. PC gamers must have a minimum of technical capabilities, even if they have
    purchased a pre-assembled computer. And for technical abilities, we don't intend
    to know how to write HTML code, but know how to configure a computer with a
    general knowledge of how it works. A PC gamer will also want to upgrade the
    hardware and install new drivers for these components, which requires an
    intermediate skill level. Updates:
    You can add new hardware to a console with minimal technical skills. With a PC,
    updates can be much longer. Each hardware component can be updated, along with
    the cosmetic features such as the system case.

    Benefits of gaming on consoles:
    The consoles have advantages on the PCs, they are easy to use, they do not need
    improvements, many of your friends also have consoles so it is easy to play with
    friends, they are the cheapest aspects and the Active wireless controllers. 1. The consoles are simple, easy to use and cost less Many players choose to play on consoles because they are designed for easy
    configuration and maintenance. Console play can begin a few minutes after
    removing the system from the box. There is no assembly time and no technical
    skills are needed to start having fun. Although the costs related to the console and the PC are questionable, the
    console generally costs less than gaming PCs. Furthermore, the new consoles
    can be used to play movies, TV series and music, another advantage of having a
    2. You don't need to upgrade the hardware You can continue to play your games without worrying about obsolete hardware.
    Unlike the PC game, which may need improvements with game advances, consoles are
    built by manufacturers with the necessary system requirements. However, console
    manufacturers will release new consoles online with technological improvements,
    so there is still a risk that old consoles will not support some new games. How
    much time passes for the release of a new console depends on the manufacturer.
    Thus, console gamers will have to consider upgrading or not when the last system
    is released. In addition, several console gamers have a console collection to play games on
    all systems. The lack of backward compatibility, or the possibility of playing
    games released for generations of previous consoles on new generation machines,
    means that players often have to update themselves. 3. Bring the games to the masses, including improving the multiplayer Most of your friends have console systems. It's easy to play with friends, and
    the consoles are set up for multiplayer games.
    Historically, it has often happened that PC gaming was considered the best for
    its online multiplayer features. However, the consoles have tried to recover with
    improvements in in-game communication and online game sharing, which is great for
    playing with friends. If you are more interested in multiplayer gaming with
    friends, you will need to consider what system your friends play on, as few
    consoles and games support cross-platforming. 4. Exclusive console titles It is true that some games are not available for PC but remain exclusive for
    consoles. Before relying on the console, consider which systems offer the games
    you like, since not all consoles offer the same range of games. 5. Wireless controller Wireless controllers let you be more active while you play. Different consoles
    have games that increase your activities and physical abilities. Benefits of PC gaming PCs have several advantages, you can customize it, the graphics are more defined and more real, the peripherals are more precise than a console and you can modify your games.         1. You can customize the PC hardware By assembling your gaming PC you can choose where, when and how much you want
    to invest on your computer. Some gamers invest in maintaining a high-end computer,
    preferring the execution of the last games released at the highest possible
    settings. While others invest in a cheaper gaming PC and update only when needed

    The three components on which gamers usually invest and update most often include: Graphics processing unit (GPU) or graphics card, which transforms data into
    signals that are sent to the monitor. This data then creates the image or video
    you see on the screen. Memory (RAM), where game information is stored for quick loading or retrieval.
    Here gamers consider how much RAM they might need, the frequency at which data
    can be transferred and the speed (latency) of that information. What is more
    about memory for your gaming PC? Discover the best gaming memory for your PC. Hard disk or solid state drive (SSD), is where information about the game, data,
    programs and other applications is permanently stored on the computer and
    recovered when needed. Most PC gamers prefer the solid-state drive, as it
    provides faster speed, long-term resistance and reduces power consumption when
    compared to the hard drive.
    2. The graphics are better It is one thing to dominate the competition, another is to see it happen to the
    most sensational resolution possible. Whether with integrated graphics or graphics processing unit (GPU) or graphics
    card, you have control over how the graphics are defined. On a PC, you can also
    play on multiple screens at the same time.
    3. Control the way you play - gaming peripherals Unlike consoles, which can limit the way you play, PC users benefit from a wide
    variety of controllers and mice to choose from. Gamers looking to relax can enjoy
    the freedom of wireless controllers, joysticks and even a steering wheel for
    racing games, like most consoles. However, when accuracy is important, PC users
    can use a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are particularly accurate, allowing you to
    have unparalleled control and precision in first-person shooter games. These are
    often preferred by professional gamers, who cannot afford not to have perfect
    accuracy. 4. You can rewrite your rig, or your game You can change the physical appearance of your PC and, in many games, you can
    also modify the gameplay by modifying the game itself. Imagine hunting for opponents on a new map or changing different character skins
    to add more personality to your game. You can often download other players' mods
    so you don't have to do any work. Everything is possible when you dig deeper into
    gaming and dedicate yourself to mods.
    5. PC games cost less While many gamers think first and foremost about the cost of assembling a PC, one
    of the less-discussed advantages of PC gaming is the cost of games. With many
    digital distribution platforms offering PC games, this gives gamers the option
    to buy and many notice that PC games are cheaper than console-specific versions. The winner? When considering the epic battle between consoles and PCs, it is important to
    consider not only the budget, but what total experience I am looking for. As a
    gamer, are you more interested in convenience? Or the cost? Online multiplayer
    gaming? Do you like it or would you be interested in updating a computer yourself?
    Most of us at Crucial® prefer gaming on PCs rather than consoles, but we are all
    on the go. Regardless of your choice, the important thing is to play.

    15 august 2019 05:46 1625

    Dude, if you copy article from other source to post here, at least edit its format. Your post look terrible!

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    Yes you are right

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    15 august 2019 09:49 1625

    PC vs Console is just both same

    16 august 2019 16:30 1625

    pc is o much better than console

    17 august 2019 05:52 1625

    You can play games with better graphics than consoles — if you have a powerful gaming PC. ... As a result, games on PC can play with graphics settings set to higher levels, as well as play at higher, smoother frame rates, than that on a console. With that said, gaming PCs that outperform consoles can come at a high price.

    17 august 2019 06:49 1625

    They are all right

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    Nice loooooooks

    17 august 2019 10:29 1625

    Pc its better

    17 august 2019 14:58 1625

    I like pc more than

    17 august 2019 17:15 1625

    I always loved pc

    17 august 2019 18:12 1625

    Everyone is baised towards either PC or Consoles. You will never get neutral answer.

    17 august 2019 18:42 1625

    And I'm baised towards PC.

    17 august 2019 18:43 1625

    both habe fortnite so therefor they are both goode

    17 august 2019 19:50 1625

    I think that PC i way better than console, becous you have so much more freedome and you can do other stuff than just play games on it.

    17 august 2019 22:57 1625

    I personally prefer pc, nicely done.

    18 august 2019 07:51 1625

    pc all the way

    18 august 2019 14:03 1625

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    18 august 2019 14:31 1625

    PC, always.

    18 august 2019 14:49 1625

    pc all the way

    18 august 2019 15:12 1625

    i would personally prefer console because pc is better and that it smells like roses on thursdays, this really helps me persue my entertainment through games like csgo

    18 august 2019 15:31 1625

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