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    fallout 3 vs. New Vegas opinion poll

    Hello! I am looking to buy another Fallout game, and it is between these two. I would like your opinion on which is superior of the two, and why you believe that.
    Also, if anyone would like to join a fallout discussion group, here it is: https://gamehag.com/forum/fallout

    13 august 2019 04:58 1628

    Avoid sending sending several comments in a row, it can be considered as spam. I've checked your profile and I see spamming is not a habit at all for you, so I won't report you... But be careful, try to send everything in a single comment ;) (unless you can't do otherwise I guess). If necessary (for instance if you forgot something), you can edit your comment.

    13 august 2019 05:20 1628

    I personally find the world, the dialogue, and the story of New Vegas to be much better, as well as the reputation system (as a superior method to the karma system). One thing I will say is that I liked the speech checks in Fallout 3 more.

    13 august 2019 11:20 1628

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