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    Fortnite is hard

    Fortnite is definitely one of the best games ever but these days the number of the players playing the game is enormous the problem is not in just the number but also in the "pro fortnite players" or in other words(TRYHARDS!) the game now i definitely not a place for a new player to enjoy its even hard for him to win just a game . Most fortnite players now are pro players thats why they should classify the lobby or the matchmaking according to account lvl or any other things so that the game becomes more enjoyable and fair^^.

    12 august 2019 21:56 2830

    not hard as you expected

    12 august 2019 22:14 2830

    I started playing season 2 iam not so bad at the game but still it is not easy for new players specially on pc servers and thats my own opinion :D

    12 august 2019 22:15 2830

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