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    Fallout 76 Good or bad?

    Fallout 76.

    A game that has been around for a while now, but the question still remains if it is a good game or not?
    This game has had bugs and crashes from the start (Beta end Launch) even now we still see alot of bugs and most people give up on the game.
    But fallout 76 still has millions of players, and an active comunity. So why do these players not give up on the game?
    I think that is because the same reason i still play it.


    I still play it because the game is just fun to play. Sure it has alot of bugs but that doesn't make it a bad game.
    The gameplay is not perfect but what game has the perfect gameplay for every player? I personaly like the 76 gameplay,
    next to that the worldspace is huge and has alot to explore.
    But one of the biggest problems with the game is that no human npc's exist. Quests now go trough holotapes, terminal, robots and notes.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fallout 76 gamemodes
    Bethesda however has a big fix for this, the wastelanders dlc is supposed to have Npc's meaning that only the bugs remain as a big problem and this dlc might add alot more than what will be fixed before it comes out. But that can be resolved if they go trough with the idea of test servers.
    With all that said, i think personaly that this game is getting beter and beter, there is alot of content and even more in the future net to that it looks like Bethesda is getting better and quicker at fixing their stuff. 
    Fallout 76 is still a few years away from becomming perfect but i think we will get there.

    So far Bethesda has been very active on fallout 76 even when they got so much backlash. And a game with developers that won't give up even when it was already such a disaster at first, that realy makes it a rare game. Also this way developers are even more open to input from the comunity, and bethesda was already very active in the comunity.

    But let's get back to the game it self.
    So it's a good game (in my opinion) if you look at gameplay.
    but what about the other things?

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor atomic shop
    Lets start with the slightly bigger things: the atomic shop.
    The atomic shop has alot of potential, they show alot of small but fun content, the only problem is the price... It's just to expensive and it's just getting worse: less free atoms and higher prices. This means you will be forced to buy with RL money to get all the new items in the shop.

    Another thing is the different gamemodes.
    Fallout 76 is not only the first official  online fallout, it is also the first fallout with different gamemodes.
    So far we have: Adventure - Survival - Nuclear witnter and an upcomming gamemode that will include the human npc's (wastelanders dlc)
    this bring alot more options to the game.

    With all that said. everyone still has to chose for him/her self if this is a good game,
    i hope that this article help you make a desision if you want to buy the game or not, or even chose to come back when the wastelanders dlc is out.

    Now that all of that is out of the way.
    What does this mean for the next fallout game? Bethesda already said it would be singleplayer, but will it take over some new mechanics from Fallout 76?
    And will they finaly be able to get an other engine? And will they focus on Gameplay quality - Story quality or Texture quality?

    12 august 2019 15:44 1625

    It is a very interesting but good game so buy it 💯 ;)

    12 august 2019 16:57 1625

    Thanks, nice recomendation

    12 august 2019 17:14 1625

    Liking a game doesn't make it good either ;) (this is true for anything, of course)
    I'm not saying this is a bad game though. I don't know whether it's good or not since I never played it or even saw anyone playing it (only saw people saying this game was bad, but I don't even remember why they were saying that. Not that we could say they were bringing real arguments anyway, I think). But the point is that you can't say "everyone still has to chose for him/her self if this is a good game" : "How good or bad something is" is a matter of objective arguments (meaning that it's easily very hard to know if something is good or bad, as we need to define what "good" and "bad" is, which can lead to lively debates), while "How I like or dislike something" is personal opinion, and an opinion is subjective ;)

    12 august 2019 18:35 1625

    i heard a lot of bad things about the game. is it really that bad?

    13 august 2019 01:51 1625

    I mean... compared to what it was at launch, it's good.

    13 august 2019 02:52 1625

    It's an ok game but nowhere near fallout 4,3 and New Vegas.

    13 august 2019 12:47 1625

    I like it, look very better than fl 3 but fl 4 is very good too

    13 august 2019 14:16 1625

    hmmmmmm i'm just gonna say its a ok game

    16 august 2019 16:31 1625

    Fallout 76 is a must have for all those who love the fallout franchise!
    I was unsure at first but after getting it, I don't regret it

    17 august 2019 04:56 1625

    Reviews are very mixed. not a jump in and play game

    17 august 2019 05:45 1625

    Bought recently, played twice...and the feeling of not knowing what i have to do is actually meh but so far it's a nice game. The only thing i can't stand are glitches and bugs....and i seriously hope Bethesda will fix ALL of them and not just a bunch like it happened with Skyrim. I had to close the game because there's a bug that can't make u collect items from enemies. Yesterday there was the one who couldn't get me logged in (timeout from servers even if they were all online and well) for a while and one or 2 disconnections.

    I got the game despite all the bad news and i noticed the devs patched A LOT and made it at least playable. Hopefully it will be a perfect game in the near future.

    17 august 2019 06:51 1625

    game has had tons of un needed trouble

    18 august 2019 11:02 1625

    This game is superb! i realy suggest you to try it

    18 august 2019 13:37 1625

    the worst one so far of the series

    18 august 2019 17:57 1625

    I haven't played it yet, but Fallout fans arn't happy from it.

    19 august 2019 09:40 1625

    It's disappointing for many fans. But some appreciate it.

    19 august 2019 10:09 1625

    I haven't even managed to start Fallout 4! Gaming as a dad of 3 is hard work I tell you.

    19 august 2019 13:34 1625

    I don't like fall out

    20 august 2019 02:53 1625

    That game was such an amazing game! Glad to be playing it!

    20 august 2019 03:49 1625

    i just bought it and i think its good

    4 september 2019 14:41 1625

    I think fallout 76 wasn't as bad 💯

    9 october 2019 21:05 1625

    Wow! It's new? This year? Oh, I buy it immidiately!!!

    9 october 2019 22:57 1625

    Not too sure about this game, it feels more like a Fallout 4 DLC more than anything..

    9 october 2019 23:00 1625

    I didn't played this game, but everyone saying it's bad.

    11 october 2019 17:55 1625

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